5 Healthy Hot Beverages for Winters

Hot Beverages

It is always hard to avoid tempting sugary hot drinks served well with cookies and cakes. But one has to make such compromises when he promises to adopt healthy living habits. However, it is impossible to deny the need for such beverages in winter.

We are here to share with you a few healthy alternatives to unhealthy hot beverages.

  • Fruit Tea

If you want to stay low on calories without making any compromise over your desire to sip on something tasty, this is the right option. Flavored tea bags are quite easily available near you. You may even prepare fresh fruit tea at home.

  • Hot Lemon Water

Lemon has a lot of benefits. It is great for your skin and also nourishes you with vitamin C that your body immensely needs. It even works as an agent to help you lose weight. Therefore, it is always a good idea to put a slice of lemon in hot water to enjoy a refreshing hot beverage.

  • Black Coffee

Say bye to creamy lattes and cappuccinos, be friends with black coffee. This choice will make things better and brighter for you. A sugar-free black coffee will also keep you warm and cozy. It works great in helping you get out of your bed every morning.   

  • Green Tea

Green tea is surely a holy grail. It will not only help you fight laziness but will also boost your metabolism. This, in turn, will bring you a step closer to your ultimate goal of switching to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Hot Chocolate

To your surprise, you can even sip on your favorite hot chocolate once in a while. But here again, you will have to opt for unsweetened cocoa powder and low-fat milk. The creamy topping is not allowed at all.

Basically, whatever drink you want to have, the key is to avoid sugar and fats. Make a wise choice to enjoy a long, healthy life.

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